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EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique                                      

Have you thought about integrating tapping into your recovery toolbox? Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping uses the stimulation of acupuncture points through tapping to decrease distress. The underlying premise of EFT tapping is that stimulating the physical body has psychological effects. EFT tapping is a somatic intervention to reduce psychological distress through self-stimulation of acupoints on the face and upper body while focusing on sensations in the body, or a distressing thought or feeling. The stress response is experienced not only as a constellation of emotions and patterns of thinking, but also as physiological symptoms in our body that result in a dysregulated nervous system. EFT tapping works to regulate our nervous system by stimulating acupoints. It is an effective self-help technique for relief of distressful symptoms outside the clinical setting.

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Recovery Café Arizona

2992 N Alma School Road
Suite 3
Chandler AZ, 85224

(480) 530 7090

Closed Sunday and Monday

Open 9am to 4pm
Tuesday thru Saturday

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